Trip to Kenya

We arrived back in the US from our trip to Kenya at the beginning of September. It took me a bit to get back into the swing of my routine. I was getting ready to organize and post the pictures on the B.Me blog when I heard (from my friends in Nairobi) about the horrific Westgate Mall terror attack.

It is difficult for me to even find the words to reflect on something so powerfully evil, so tremendously sad and unnecessary. I cannot tolerate human created suffering.

A few weeks earlier, the Westgate Mall just happened to be our last destination on our trip out of Nairobi. We purchased some items at the various shops, then left our packages with the hostess seated at the main enterance info station. We enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio, served by friendly college age ladies, then treated our son to a cup of frozen yogurt at the self serve yogurt shop.

The reality of the attack really took hold when I began to realize that these kind people I had met just a few weeks earlier were very likely some of the victims, if not in passing then certainly in witness. I pray for them, their families and for the world. May hope, peace, freedom and life always prevail.

On that note, I do want to lighten the mood and spread the joy that I experienced in Kenya, which IS a wonderful place, filled with gentle, friendly and loving souls. We met so many great friends and people on our journey. Here are some of my best photo memories of this trip:

We ate some tasty (and exotic) things. Ethiopian food? It’s delicious! Even the kid will agree. I loved the sizzling rosemary goat and my (papaya, mango, avocado) rainbow smoothie.


Some people call it the world’s healthiest milk, in America they call it illegal. My son called it “good!” When we finished the jug, I told him it was from a camel, but he didn’t care.

Meat fest at a Nairobi institution- The Carnivore Restaurant. Is that an ostrich meatball? Oh, and a lil’ alligator too. Funny enough, the dish we ended up fighting over was the creamed spinach. We ended up ordering seconds.

To work off all the eats, we played squash A LOT!

We shopped A LOT!

We danced A LOT!


We laughed A LOT!
(somehow I think he is getting more exercise than any of us. YOU try changing lanes with that thing.)

We saw the magnificent beauty of Kenya:


It’s coral beach coastline. (We sailed in a boat carved out of a mango tree!)

It’s beautiful people. (Hey, who said you can’t wear jewelry at the beach?!)

It’s stunning wildlife. (Thanks to my husband’s “safari eyes” we spotted some tricky animals in the bush.)


And lastly, we were befriended by countless Kenyans, young and old, who showed us true African hospitality.

I will wrap this one up for now. Kwaheri! (Good Bye!) More to come, so check back soon.