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Raise funds for YOUR charity, school, or organization, all while helping Botanical Me stamp out malaria in Africa!

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Need to raise funds for your organization or school? Follow me!
Botanical Me makes fundraising simple and risk free.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the fundraiser “set-up” form
  2. Botanical Me will contact you to arrange items, quantities and dates.
  3. Submit your credit card information as a “guarantee.” No charges are made until the end of your fundraiser.
  4. Botanical me ships you product.
  5. Fundraise! Sell, sell sell! Have your supporters pay you directly.
  6. At the end of the fundraiser, fill out the fundraiser “close-out” form.
  7. Mail any leftover Botanical Me product back to Botanical Me.
  8. Reimburse Botanical Me for only the product you sold.
  9. Congratulations! You keep 50% of your sales!*

Risk Free: No upfront purchase. Simply request the items and quantities you wish to sell. Once your organization “guarantees” your order with a valid credit card, we ship the merchandise so you can begin your fundraising. At the end of your event period, send us full payment for the items you sold, and return any extra items you didn’t sell.

Convenient: We ship to you, after your event, send the extra products back with our prepaid label.*

Healthy: Represent products that are healthy, natural and premium quality. Selling is easy because Botanical Me really IS the best body care you will ever use!

Meaningful: We call it the “Double Decker” Fundraiser-Raise funds for YOUR charity, school, or organization, all while helping Botanical Me stamp out malaria in Africa! It’s a double win!

Profitable: Your organization keeps 50% of sales!*

*California residents without a valid resale certificate must pay sales tax.

“The Fine Print”
All returned items must be received in new, unused, and unopened condition. Any returned items that are damaged or used will be billed to your credit card.

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