Stand Strong and Live Long!

Quick! How are you standing (or sitting) right now? Perfectly poised with a natural, balanced posture? I hope so! If not, no worries, but be aware that you could be cutting yourself off from your fullest potential, just like a kinked hose. Oops!

How you habitually stand and sit influences the arrangement of your frame, and could be making you look and feel older than you are. Therefore, just like your school teacher always said: sit up straight and pay attention!

Not only does good posture keep your mind alert and your awareness open to the moment, but the internal organization of your bones also influences the position of your organs, which has a huge impact on how healthy you look, feel, and function. To establish good, healthy posture, you need to create a clear, open channel of energy so air can circulate freely in and out of your body.

Stack your anatomy and enable your bones to fulfill their purpose—to support you! Become friends with your skeleton, and know that your bones and joints are made to help you, not hurt you, and they should feel good in your body. Stand in a relaxed position with your feet hip-width apart. Your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders should naturally stack upon one another, creating a nice, open flow of energy throughout your body. Also, keep your heart open, at ease, and presented forward.

Whether you are standing or sitting, always keep this question in mind: “Am I facilitating the flow of oxygen?”. A healthy, organized posture promotes circulation, keeps you young, and encourages longevity. Good posture will help you have a good day, as you will look good, feel good, and flow good. So stand up straight and enjoy today!

Written By: Hillary Trevett, (our “in-house” motivational coach, yoga guru and all around super botanical beauty)