Shout-Out to Persimmons! (No people, not Russell Simmons. I’m talking about a fruit.) Plus, my Smoothie Recipe!

Every fall, my best friend would make Persimmon Cookies. They were gently spiced, cakey little beauties that I came to associate with my childhood. (Hi Jenny!) ps. we have been friends since preschool- how cool is that??!!

Well, last week I came across a persimmon tree growing in my Granny’s orchard (why have I never noticed this tree before?!) Being October, it was bearing fruit! So in honor of my best friend, I picked some.

But what is a persimmon anyway? And what can you really do with them?

When ripe, a persimmon is soft and squishy, kind of like a tomato, except much sweeter and with a delicate fruit flavor. If you are lucky you can find them at farmers markets, or maybe on a neighborhood tree.

I made a great breakfast drink out of mine. Kids of all ages will like it- it tastes kind of like an “Orange Julius”.

Persimmon-SmoothieHere’s what to dump in your blender:

A ripe persimmon (vitamin A and fiber!)
Juice of one organic orange (about 1 cup)
½ cup of plain kefir drink (probiotics!)
tiny slice of fresh ginger
1 big handful of ice

Optional boosts (might as well!):
1 pipette of vitamin D drops
1 spoonful chia seeds (omega fatty acids)
a shake of nutmeg or cinnamon