Green Rooibos Tea

    Rooibos bush is a caffeine-free delight grown in South Africa. Drink it hot or iced for a light, crisp flavor and an anti-oxidant value that surpasses traditional green tea.

    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free
    • Cruelty Free
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    Size: 18 tea bags


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This is your new favorite tea!

Rooibos is an evergreen shrub that grows in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa. It is is naturally caffeine-free.

Green rooibos is harvested from the same South African plant as the traditional red rooibos but is processed differently. Whereas red rooibos leaves are bruised and oxidized, green rooibos leaves are specially treated to prevent oxidation, leaving them closer to their natural state.

Less oxidation means more health benefits. Green rooibos contains a wide array of antioxidant compounds as well as vitamin C, minerals, quercetin, polyphenols and alpha-hydroxy acids.

Upon brewing it produces woody-grassy flavor with natural sweetness and fruit notes. This natural sweetness and low tannin content ensures a smooth, never bitter brew that requires little, if any, sweetener.

jill says

Jill Says:

“For me, green rooibos has both green and black tea beat by a long shot. It has a light smooth flavor and unsurpassed anti-oxidant value. I keep a big pitcher of it ready in my fridge. I love it on ice, especially with a wedge of lemon.”


Fair trade certified organic green rooibos, organic honeybush.

this product is Naturally gluten-free.


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