Our Cause


Botanical Me founder Jill Hansen is personally fighting for ME (Malaria Eradication) because she believes her husband, family, friends and community members in Nigeria, and ALL people across Africa should never have to suffer from this terrible yet preventable disease.mother_child_kenya

The founding dream of Botanical Me is that all Africans could have universal access to mosquito nets and malaria medicine—a critical first step toward eliminating malaria deaths by 2015. To attain this, we have chosen to partner with the internationally recognized charity Malaria No More.

As part of our campaign for Malaria eradication (ME), Botanical Me donates 10% of profits to Malaria No More. When you purchase a Botanical me product, you are helping supply mosquito nets, education and ACT medical treatments in the fight against malaria.

Here are some startling malaria facts:


mosquitoMalaria is a disease transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. The parasite enters the bloodstream and causes fever, headaches, vomiting and other flu‐like symptoms. If left untreated, the infection in its most severe forms can lead to permanent learning disabilities, coma and death. There is no vaccine for malaria.


Anyone in a malaria endemic country can get Malaria. In fact, half of the world’s population is at risk. Young children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable due to lower immunity levels.

The widespread prevalence of malaria compelled the United Nations to set international
targets to halt deaths from this devastating disease by 2015. Addressing malaria will also make a critical contribution to achieving other international targets including eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality and improving maternal health.Malaria Treatment


Even when Malaria doesn’t kill, it still wreaks havoc on overburdened economies. In Africa alone, malaria has been estimated to cost $12 billion every year. This includes costs of health care, working days lost due to sickness, days lost in education, decreased productivity, decreased farm harvests, and loss of investment and tourism.

photo by Laura HajarPerhaps most devastating is the effect on children’s education. Repeated infections cause children to miss large periods of school. Anemia, a side-effect of frequent malaria attacks, interferes with children’s ability to concentrate and learn and causes chronic fatigue. Repeated illnesses from malaria can also exacerbate any malnutrition, which can both decrease the effectiveness of anti-malaria drugs and increase children’s susceptibility to the other main killer diseases: diarrhea and pneumonia.


Thank you for reading about malaria and the Botanical Me dream. We pledge to use our voice and our platform to bring greater awareness and resources to this cause. We pledge to do what is good and right for the world, which to us means helping others achieve better health, lower healthcare costs, greater productivity, and a higher standard of living. Please spread the word, and support in any way you can.