Jill Hansen

Jill HansenWhen I’m not formulating fabulous body scrubs, soaps and skin care, I love being a wife and mom. Right now, my world revolves around my young son’s obsession with cats, trains, eating eggs and an imaginary cake shop (he makes pretend cakes for his imaginary cats).

My favorite hobbies include cooking, collecting African art and tribal masks, and taking advantage San Diego’s fun family activities like the zoo, beaches, maritime museum and many parks.

If you come to my home, you will find a cupboard full of nutritional supplements, a bathroom full of Botanical Me, and a kitchen stocked with ionized alkaline water, chia seeds, coconut butter and organic eggs (do other people’s children love eggs this much??!).

My personal journey towards healthy living began in 2004, when I partnered with my sister Carly to create an aromatherapy brand and retail store in San Diego named Lavish Products. My passion is helping people understand that by using products made with essential oils and botanicals, their daily body care routine can actually double as a health care routine. Ridding your life of synthetic perfumes is one of the best (and easiest) changes you can make.

One of my life dreams is to use my talent for creating beautiful products to positively affect communities in Africa, and for Botanical Me to be associated with the global movement for malaria eradication. I have been fortunate to have traveled to Africa more than 11 times, and had many beautiful and transformative experiences there.