Get Your Back-to-School Mojo On!

Don’t fall into Fall…step into the new season with confidence, balance, focus, and instant energy!
If your back-to-school schedule has you feeling drained, these 2 quick remedies will help you focus and revive:
1) Roll Instant Energy essential oils on your pulse points
It works because natural essential oils including rosemary, ginger, grapefruit and peppermint boost circulation, fight lethargy and clear your sinuses. Enjoy the aroma as you sniff–and uplift!
Just roll onto your wrists, neck, shoulders and temples for a cooling burst of energy that helps boost mental focus.
It fits easily into your backpack, purse, or pocket, so you can conveniently use for instant gratification while in class, studying, or working to improve concentration.Essential Oils for Energy and Concentration

For even greater reward, after you apply Instant Energy take a few minutes and do the YOGA TREE POSE!

2) Do the Tree Pose! (It’s the best yoga pose for focus, also called Vrksasana in Sanskrit)
First things first, take a deep breath and stand proud on your own two feet. Bring your palms together at your heart center, and feel the sensation of your chest rising and falling with each inhalation and exhalation.

Once you’ve tuned into your breath, shift the balance of your weight to your left foot, and as if creating a figure 4, place the bottom of your right foot to the inside of either your left ankle, calve, or inner thigh. (One spot isn’t better than the other; just go with whatever feels good to you.)

Find a specific point directly in front of you upon which to focus your gaze. When you are comfortable with your balance and stability, experiment with other arm variations (like extending your arms out to the side, raising your palms above your head, or interlacing your fingers behind your back).

Listen to your inner teacher…and when you feel you have received the confidence, balance, focus, and other many benefits of this pose, slowly release your right foot to the ground, and return to the same place from which you began.Tree pose

BOTH IN YOGA AND IN LIFE, Always maintain equal balance. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Post Written By: Hillary Trevett, (our “in-house” motivational coach, yoga guru and all around super botanical beauty)

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