Center Your Chi: Beauty Products for the Yoga Lover

As posted on by natural beauty blogger Brittany Fischer on April 2, 2014.

I am, technically, a yoga instructor. I did my 200 hour training this past summer at Back Bay Yoga, and I’ve taught several classes, and I was paid to do so. So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m super legit. But…real talk? I am NOT a zen person. I’m actually kind-of a gigantic spaz. Also, I don’t eat quinoa and kale and drink green juice to stay alive. My staples are more along the lines of bagels, pad thai, and wine.

Here’s how I manage to de-stress and chill out like a pro–whether I’m on or off the mat!

It’s all about aromatherapy, my loves. I honestly can’t even believe how much this stuff really works! Even when I can’t find the time to partake in a yoga class, a few spritzes of a calming fragrance, a couple of deep breathes, and I’m feeling much, much better. If you can throw in your headphones and play your fave song, I guarantee your stress levels will be reduced by at least 50%. Of course, I’m assuming your stresses are equal to or more trivial than mine. But I’ve got some semi-serious stuff going on…I’m newly single (by choice, but still), I’m in the middle of searching for an apartment in Boston (basically impossible), my kitten slash child just had major surgery (both expensive and emotionally traumatic), and hmmm…I can’t really complain about the job. We all know that this job and I are a match made in heaven. But, the point is, my life isn’t perfect and sometimes I’m desperate for a little peace of mind.

On a completely different note, when I was doing my yoga training I often noticed little bumps on my forehead that were super annoying. I was convinced that they were the result of me doing child’s pose on a sweaty mat, and I still think that they were.

This product solves both problems, creating a peaceful atmosphere while killing bacteria simultaneously.

Namaste-Yoga-Mat-Spray_resizeI actually wear it as a fragrance sometimes too. It smells that good. Like a five star spa. You seriously cannot take a deep breath of this and feel anxious. It immediately brings me to a place of zen, of centered chis, of “oms” and triangle poses and . . . ahhhhhh. I can’t get enough.

I love the whole Botanical Me line. Each product is hand-crafted with healing plants from Africa to nourish your skin, calm your mind and lift your spirits. Plus, proceeds support the charity Malaria No More. Beauty never felt so healthy!

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