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  1. Center Your Chi: Beauty Products for the Yoga Lover

    As posted on by natural beauty blogger Brittany Fischer on April 2, 2014. I am, technically, a yoga instructor. I did my 200 hour training this past summer at Back Bay Yoga, and I’ve taught several classes, and I was paid to do so.

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  2. Flowers & Butterflies in the Land of Crude

    We are driving down a narrow road. The lushest rainforest you have ever seen towers up on either side of us. The leaves and grasses and palm fronds forms a living wall. A bright blue sky, dotted with billowing white clouds forms a ceiling. It

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  3. Get Your Back-to-School Mojo On!

    Don’t fall into Fall…step into the new season with confidence, balance, focus, and instant energy! If your back-to-school schedule has you feeling drained, these 2 quick remedies will help you focus and revive: 1) Roll Instant Energy essential oils on your pulse points It works

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  4. Instant Calm

    Thank you soothing African lavender. Thank you beautiful white sand beach. Can paradise get any more relaxing?

  5. Meet Frank…

    When I arrived for my meeting I saw was an unmarked, well-worn building, with iron gates and a lone security guard. It was down an unpaved road in an industrial area of Nairobi, mechanics and spare parts cluttered the road. Had the taxi made a

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