Carly Lodkey

Carly LodkeyEver since I was a little girl I had a love for soaps, lotions, bath products, cosmetics and even laundry detergent. When our family would run out of shampoo and conditioner, going to the grocery store to pick out which kind we would try next was the highlight of my day. One year for Christmas I got a bottle of Prell in my stocking. I was more excited to wash my hair than to play with my toys!

September of 2000 marked a pivotal moment in my life. Fresh out of high school, I took a sales position with a natural haircare company. I learned about aromatherapy and natural body care and immersed myself in the study of essential oils. It was during this time I realized that “body care” can align with “health care.” I became curious about making my own products, so I started creating lotions, bath salts and more at home in my mom’s kitchen. I sold my first products at local farmers markets, on the internet and in several salons around San Diego. 

The public’s response was so positive that in 2004 I teamed up with my sister Jill so we could take the company to the next level. We opened a retail store, Lavish Aromatic Botanical Products, and continued to grow our business and formulating prowess. The Botanical Me collection is the next frontier in our aromatherapy and philanthropic journey. I am thrilled and grateful to be able to do what I love while touching the lives of so many.

I take great pride in living a healthy, natural lifestyle. After graduating college I got a certificate in clinical nutrition and I jokingly call myself the “probiotic queen”-I was taking them way before they became mainstream! I live happily in San Diego with my husband and son and treasure my family life. My son has eczema, so I am especially in tune with the special needs of eczema related skin care, and this especially motivates me to create plant-based body care that is effective, gentle and natural.