Flowers & Butterflies in the Land of Crude

We are driving down a narrow road. The lushest rainforest you have ever seen towers up on either side of us. The leaves and grasses and palm fronds forms a living wall. A bright blue sky, dotted with billowing white clouds forms a ceiling. It

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Stand Strong and Live Long!

Quick! How are you standing (or sitting) right now? Perfectly poised with a natural, balanced posture? I hope so! If not, no worries, but be aware that you could be cutting yourself off from your fullest potential, just like a kinked hose. Oops! How you

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Shout-Out to Persimmons! (No people, not Russell Simmons. I’m talking about a fruit.) Plus, my Smoothie Recipe!

Every fall, my best friend would make Persimmon Cookies. They were gently spiced, cakey little beauties that I came to associate with my childhood. (Hi Jenny!) ps. we have been friends since preschool- how cool is that??!! Well, last week I came across a persimmon

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Trip to Kenya

We arrived back in the US from our trip to Kenya at the beginning of September. It took me a bit to get back into the swing of my routine. I was getting ready to organize and post the pictures on the B.Me blog when

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Get Your Back-to-School Mojo On!

Don’t fall into Fall…step into the new season with confidence, balance, focus, and instant energy! If your back-to-school schedule has you feeling drained, these 2 quick remedies will help you focus and revive: 1) Roll Instant Energy essential oils on your pulse points It works

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Millipede Fashion?

YIPES! We have been stepping over these massive millipedes ever since we got to Mombasa- they are everywhere! What ARE they? I must google. Then, today, Damien pointed out that my best vacation shoes look just like these weird creatures. Ha! I couldn’t stop laughing. Should

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Instant Calm

Thank you soothing African lavender. Thank you beautiful white sand beach. Can paradise get any more relaxing?

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Wisdom for the Day

“If the necklace is not long enough for the neck, you use it for the wrist.” Ijaw Tribe Proverb, Nigeria, Africa


Masai Market Dreams

If I could wrap myself in one of these beautiful woolen masai blankets and sleep here in this market, I would. That’s how much I love craft markets. Beaded keychains, cotton scarves, earrings, giraffe carvings….my shopping tote is getting heavy. My most favorite find today?

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Meet Frank…

When I arrived for my meeting I saw was an unmarked, well-worn building, with iron gates and a lone security guard. It was down an unpaved road in an industrial area of Nairobi, mechanics and spare parts cluttered the road. Had the taxi made a

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